Since today was Fathers’ Day, I began the day by frying up some delicious Jones Sausage brand scrapple. I cut in perfect width slices, powdered each slice on both sides with common white flour and black pepper. I treated each delicate slice with care to avoid crumbling and slid each into a red-hot buttered skillet. Crisp and dark on the first side, I proceeded to the opposing uncrusted side to make it dark and crunchy. That done, I placed two slices on a dinner plate already adorned with two sunny side up organic brown eggs and crispy cheesed-up hash browns. My son Jordan obliged me and tasted this foreign breakfast side meat again and again. Then I told him the same wive’s tale I’d been fed over sixty years ago. Hiney holes, snouts and lips he “learned” were the chief ingredients in scrapple. Read on and learn all about scrapple. My gout will be screaming later, but, it was worth it.