Jimi ji meets a sadu

  • 3 and a half years of living alone with my little doggies has come to a close. My departure from the 4th biggest city in the USA to the relatively quaint plantation town of Tallahassee was a joy. Thanks to the kindnesses of Charles & Julia Miller, I enjoyed the comfort of one of their homes with no rent applied to my monthly expenses. Wow! So much love. I liked everything about living in my old college town except the steamy rainy summers and the poor airport service. Most importantly, my family in Texas added 3 beautiful healthy children to the mix while I was gone. I began to hate being the grandfather who only saw their sweet faces and heard their tiny voices on FaceTime and during my infrequent expensive visits that too often required lengthy layovers. Well, Houston took me back. My son’s wife Victoria’s parents own two homes in a lushly forested neighborhood just beyond the principle landing runway of George Bush (IAH) Intercontinental Airport Houston. Massive jets fly low over the community regularly, wheels and nose down engines yawning their throaty song of reverse thrust that brings rapid deceleration as they head in to the awaiting terminals. Joke’s on me. I have a lovely home with an upstairs suite and two little ones to be grateful for every day. Even with chronic excruciating pain life is good.
  • Before closing, I want to tell you an additional little story of why I live. This afternoon I got in the car and drove a mile or so up the road to America’s favorite/most hated restaurant for a sandwich. The car I drive is a 2002 Honda coupe. After one of my sons died I began driving his beloved Accord with the massive sound system. The glistening emerald green paint is falling off and the front bumper hangs low. I pulled into an available Handicap space, windows down and roof opened. My stereo was cranking “Stairway to Heaven” on the classic rock radio station through 8 speakers and a trunkload of subwoofer. As I pulled in a young man protected the sidewalk at the corner of the building. He was working it. I smiled and walked away from the car toward the entrance on a borrowed cane clutching my man-purse. A few steps into my walk I felt his presence at my back and felt something on my spine. I turned to face him in a warm fearless fashion. “Sir,” he said, “you have something on your back.”He plucked an autumn dried maple leaf from my shirt. He asked for nothing. I turned back around and continued my walk to the entry door. I ordered the “bogo” special so I could give him the extra sandwich upon departure. I ate mine at a table and set his aside at the corner of the tray. Just as I was wrapping up my trash he entered the restaurant and gingerly worked the room. As he passed me I said hello, inquired as to his hunger and offered him the food. “Oh no thank you sir. I am hungry, but, I am trying to get money to fix my brother’s car.” I had heard that one before. “I don’t have any money, but, I got this for you,” I told him as I extended the meal to him.” “You did?” he said. He looked into my eyes and saw I had no other intention. “I want you to have it. I love you.” I said. “I love you too.” said young man with dark skin, a black ‘do rag’, pants-on-the-ground and oversized hoodie. Then a store associate shooed him out the door.
  • There is a bit more, speaking of angels that I’ll share briefly. As I was preparing to go my way I began to think he would be thirsty, so I finished my fountain Coke, took the cup to the dispenser, removed the lid and straw, tossed them, washed out the cup, added fresh ice and blue Powerade, snapped on a new cap, grabbed a fresh straw and got my eyes pointed to the door. An older gentleman like me but possessing better mobility scurried around the dining area with his butler pan and whisk broom sweeping like he owned the joint. I took a minute to marvel at his work. He headed toward the door through which I imagined he was off to make bright and shiny the parking lot. I knew his presence would cause my new friend to beat feet out of there. Sure enough my sadu had vanished. “Guess I’m stuck with this serving of electric blue electrolytes,” I muttered to nobody as I shuffled toward the car. As I swung open the door, I saw a man in the distance across the busy thoroughfare. A young man in a grey hoody, black stocking cap, pants on the ground…my sadu! I watched him as he watched the cleaner upper knowing full well he would return to his little corner of the universe as soon as the associate was back in the restaurant. Well by this time I had gotten behind the wheel and was committed to leaving the busy property. I made a “U” turn so as to return to the restaurant grounds. He was walking across the lot as I pulled up next to him. “Here”, I said offering him the fountain drink through an open passenger side window. “Thought it would be good for you to get some electrolytes going on.”, I told him. “Thanks, uh what is your name?”, he inquired with furrowed caterpillar brows, on eye on me and one one my dashboard angel. “Jimmy”, I replied. “Thanks Jimmy!” “Hey. Hear me now. There is a wonderful God who loves you very much. Get off the streets and ask him to help you to know your purpose. Do not waste the gifts.” He nodded and strolled down the road, pants on the ground.

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