Escaping The Lone Star State.

So true. Did I tell you about being assaulted in Target’s parking lot while entering my truck (now deceased)? This while I was parked in a Restricted space. I have (had) appropriate tags front and rear in red, white and blue with the symbol of all persons handicapped, a wheelchair. Attacked by a furious Texan armed only with a terrible rage and a farmboy style Subway six inch, which during my casual departure from the space, was hurled at my ascending window. Another day in the Lone Star State. I have got to get out of here!



3 thoughts on “Escaping The Lone Star State.

      1. Hello J.J. I left comments on your post. I’m glad you’re writing again. Perhaps set a goal of publishing once a week, 500 – 1,000 words. It’s good discipline. Follow some other blogs and comment there and you’ll have a community before you know it.

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